Quick Start to Register A Computer

Step 1: Update your computer, configure the firewall and install anti-malware software

  • Please make sure your OS (Operating System) and all other software is up to date.
  • Please double check the following software is up to date:
    • Operating System (Windows Update, MacOS's Software Update, Linux's apt-get update, etc...)
    • Web browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome)
    • Adobe software, especially Adobe Acrobat
  • Please consider the configuration of the firewall on your computer. Is it on and appropriate for the task the computer will perform?
  • Computers on the Physics network are required to have anti-malware software. Please install Trellix Endpoint Security (formerly FireEye Endpoint Security):

Step 2: Fill out the following form to request an IP address:

Step 3: Email pcs@physics.ucsb.edu confirming all your software is up to date and Trellix (formerly FireEye) is installed