Quick Start to Register A Computer

Step 1: Update Computer and install anti-virus software
Please make sure that you have the latest OS software updates. Please consider the setup of the firewall on your computer. Is it on and appropriate for the task the computer will perform?
We require machines on the Physics network to have anti-malware software. Here is the link to Sophos software we provide.
You will need a UCSBNetID@ucsb.edu account to download the software:
SOPHOS [Mac Big Sur Instruction]
If you have Java, Flash, and Adobe Reader, please make sure that you have upgraded to the latest versions.

Step 2:
Please fill out this form to request an IP address:


Step 3: Email pcs@physics.ucsb.edu you are done installing SOPHOS and all the computer software is up to date
Once PCS sees your computer name (the same as you have requested) on
the UCSB Physics SOPHOS console, we will email you to confirm your computer has been moved to the production network.