Physics Computer Account

University computer users form a group whose members communicate and work with one another via open and accessible computer systems. You are about to become a member of that community. We ask that you use your best judgment, respect for others' property and privacy, and common sense when you use the Physics Department's and the University's computer systems.

Thank you, PCS

Types of Computer Accounts

Unless noted, all users can have access to the following servers:

  • Email Server
  • File Server:
    • Graduate Students use:
    • Staff use Comet (from the Dept domain).
    • Faculty & Post Docs use research servers.
  • Web Server
  • Authentication Server for SSH
    • Faculty and Staff use:
    • Grad Students use:
    • You can SSH to hosts on the Physics network after you have logged in.

Please change your password on all servers from the temporary one assigned to you.

Email Access

There are several ways to access your email.

  • Extra security settings for using SSL with IMAP or POP
  • To change your password on the mail server, you must log in using SSH from a UNIX command prompt. Follow the menu item to change your password.

    Remote Access to PCS Hosts

    IMPORTANT: You need to have SSH2 installed in order to access PCS UNIX/linux hosts directly from a remote computer (NO TELNET). Please read our SSH FAQ where you can find more info including links to SSH client software.

    Maintaining your Campus Presence

    • UCSB Physics Directory
      • Please contact the appropriate department personnel to update your entry.
      • Shilo Tucker for Academic Personnel
      • Jennifer Farrar for Graduate Students
      • Cari Voth for all other personnel
    • Campus Directory
      • It is each individual's responsibility to update and maintain their information with the UCSB Directory service. The printed phone book will use the information that is posted on the Campus Directory website.

    Setting up a Web Site on

    Your website would be:

    Be sure that your first page has file name "index.html" when you upload it to the server.

    To reset your web password, stop by the PCS office.


    The Information Systems and Computing department at UCSB offers CorporateTime which is software that provides electronic scheduling and calendaring to the UCSB campus community.

    All UCSB Physics Faculty and Staff are required to have a Corporate Time account.

    To request an account, please fill out the Corporate Time Account Request Form.

    Further information including software and instructions can be found at our CorporateTime FAQs.

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