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Course Web Page Request

Requestor's name :
Requestor's e-mail address :
Course Number:
(ex. Phys 124)
Note: The default web page is designated by the course number, example:
Also note that the text is case sensitive, so please check before printing a syllabus. Normally we use capital letters for the quarter designation (i.e. phys123A not phys123a).
We recommend you use a directory specifying the quarter or instructor.
Please type in what it should be here.
(ex. ~phys123A/f2010, or ~phys127A/fall2009)
This is very useful when there are multiple sections/instructors in series that overlap over the year (i.e. phys6ABC)
List anyone who will need upload access for this class:
(Include TA's or staff).
Additional comments or needs :
For example, "Please create a password protected subdirectory for class members only.
Call the directory "ClassNotes".
Make the username 'Chancellor' and the password 'Yang' "
Note: The instructor is responsible for removing web pages and solution sets at the end of the quarter.
PCS will move old web pages to areas inaccessable from the web, but remain on the server for instructor reference via SFTP.
This normally occurs the next time a faculty member requests a web space for this course.
PCS can also create directory areas that are password protected to allow access only from class members (one common username/password).
Every effort will be made to have your request completed within 1-2 days after receiving it. Please submit your requests by week 10 of the previous quarter to insure your request will be completed in time.

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