University computer users form a group whose members communicate and work with one another via open and accessible computer systems. You are about to become a member of that community. We ask that you use your best judgement, respect for others' property and privacy, and common sense when you use the Physics Department's and the University's computer systems.
Thank you, PCS


How to Request a Computer Account

STEP 1 - ALL USERS - Review the University of California Electronic Communications Policy

University of California Electronic Communications Policy edited by PCS from the ECP Policy Handbook.

STEP 2 - ALL USERS - Sign the Physics Department Computer Usage Policy form

All students (undergraduate and graduate) must print out a hard copy, sign it, and return it to PCS (BLDG 937).
Available in PDF, or postscript.

STEP 3 - ALL USERS - Submit the Appropriate Account Request Form

Faculty, Staff, current Graduate and Undergraduate Students submit the Computer Account Request form.
(Note: Undergraduates must print out the form and have a supervisor or faculty sign it. Bring it to the PCS office (BLDG 937) along with the Computer Usage Policy form.

Incoming Graduate students - Incoming Graduate Student Computer Account Request form.


  1. All Users - To request permanent network or Internet access on your laptop or system, submit the Internet Address Request Form.

Info for New Physics Users

New users should read our Important Info for UCSB Physics Users web page.

Leaving UCSB - Computer Separation Form

Please fill out the Computer Separation Form before leaving UCSB Physics. It will give us instructions on what to do with your computer files, email, and webpages. If you leave the department without informing PCS, we will remove all of your computer accounts and files.

Also see the leaving UCSB link.

Other Physics, UCSB, and UC System-wide Computer Policies

Along with the Physics Department Computer Usage Policy, we also ask that you comply with the additional policies below.

University of California Policies:

UCSB Policies:

  • A booklet of Campus Regulations, which includes campus policies on all campus activities, organizations, and students, may be obtained from the UCSB Office of Student Life.

Additional Physics Department Policies:


Be aware that PCS charges for network access. For information, read the Physics Department Network Charges webpage.

All account requests must be accompanied by a valid U.C. charge number for billing purposes.

Applying for an account for yourself or someone else implies liability for all expenses accrued under that account.

Physics Computer Services,
Last Modified: April 12, 2002